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Welcome to a new era in radio.

Download the Exclusive Radio App and instantly access OVER 150 EXCLUSIVE STATIONS including DEDICATED SINGLE ARTIST STATIONS featuring THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR ARTISTS.

The world’s top music artists have their own stations - devoted exclusively to their music.

Select from a huge, diverse selection including Abba, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Pink, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Taylor Swift, U2, Dua Lipa and the Rolling Stones…

Plus, when you become a member, you can access exclusive content, including a Radio Planner to organise your listening around your life.

It's FREE to join, there's no commitment or subscription charges!

Music, Motivation, Laughter, Exercise or Relaxation…

As well as music artists, on Exclusive Radio, you have the option to tune into stations that enhance your life, improve your mood, stimulate opinion or expand your knowledge.

On the App, you can see ‘What’s Trending’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Hot Now’ or access ‘World’ music from Bollywood to Brazil. Enjoy tailored music for an occasion, including ‘Exclusively Party’ or ‘Exclusively Good Morning’, ‘Exclusively Good Afternoon’ and ‘Exclusively Good Evening’.

Tailor your listening experience!

Exclusive Radio features a unique radio planner, so you can seamlessly build your Exclusive Radio soundtrack based around your preferred genres, mood or lifestyle. Members can use our Random function – enabling the planner to alternate between different stations at pre-set times – so you never know what station’s coming next!

Download the Exclusive Radio App and become a member today to unlock access to the planner feature – it’s FREE!

Tune in to Exclusive Radio to tune out!

  • Treat yourself to a moment of mindfulness with Exclusively Calm. Choose from a range of stations featuring music and sounds to help you de-stress and relax.
  • On Exclusively Influencers, you can challenge your current thinking! Listen to experts in their field offering wisdom on a wide range of topics.
  • Enjoy the known health benefits of a good laugh with Exclusively Comedy.
  • Or, if improving your health and wellbeing are on your mind, then Exclusively Wellness has a range of stations to support your health and fitness endeavours, including meditation or workout tracks.

Build your own radio soundtrack…

Motivate yourself for an hour on a Monday morning. Start your day with thought provoking, inspirational chat on Exclusively Influencers.

Go tranquil on a Tuesday afternoon, by selecting a station from our Exclusively Calm collection.

Enhance your Wednesday with an eclectic selection – take your pick from individual artist stations including Exclusively Elton John, Exclusively Elvis, or Exclusively Ed Sheeran.

By the weekend, you can pump up the volume with a Friday night mix of Exclusively Will i Am, Exclusively Nicki Minaj and Exclusively Drake. Or, spend Saturday in Nashville with Exclusively Country!

Towards the end of the week, perhaps you need a good laugh. One of our Exclusively Comedy stations should help lift your spirits.

And finally, drift away on Sunday night with a choice of meditation and relaxing sleep soundszzzzz, in Exclusively Wellness.

Please contact the host team here at Exclusive Radio with your feedback or suggestions for new stations.

If you have any track or content suggestions, we will do our best to add them to our stations.


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