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Feb 6, 2021

Sources say the band has been working on new songs during lockdown and preparations are underway for an album and tour with the working title ‘Music Of The Spheres’. There have been hints that such a project might be underway, but with the news that they have trademarked the name it looks like it is coming close to fruition.

The band didn’t tour their last album because of environmental concerns, so presumably that would need to be addressed before any new tour could be planned.

Talking about their last album in a recent interview Chris Martin said,  “We’re not touring and we’re not really talking and not doing anything normal. This album feels like we have to just release it into the world and let it fend for itself. Because a lot of these songs came from a place I don’t really understand, and other reasons too, it’s just not tour-able yet. We’re trying to wait to tour until we can figure out the environmental side of things.”

While you are waiting for news of the new album check out their back catalogue on the only radio station dedicated to Chris &Co.


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