Dionne Warwick has told Entertainment Weekly that a new series based on her life is, ” in the works.” The series will apparently star Teyana Taylor as Dionne. When she first teased the project on social media last December she asked her fans if they would be interested in watching a show about her life, saying, “This is a case for @netflix. Please don’t ask who I would cast to play me as it would obviously be @TEYANATAYLOR.” The post was re-tweeted by Netflix with the comment, ” Taking notes.”

It is not yet definitely confirmed that Netflix will be the home of the project, Dionne says, “They’re not the only place that we’re looking at but Netflix seems to be the leading episodic (platform) to do something similar to what I want to do. There’s a lot of very exciting stuff going on right now!”

We can however confirm that she does have a permanent home here where we celebrate her wonderful talent non-stop 24/7