It is arguable whether Beatlemania ever really went away, but unquestionably it is now back with the release of Let It Be (Apple Special Edition) and the forthcoming Disney+ documentary Get Back.

The new album comprises a fascinating mixture of outtakes, rehearsals, studio jams and different versions of much loved songs, and we are playing them all on our dedicated Fab Four radio station.

Giles Martin, son of the original album’s producer, the late Sir George Martin, has put together a brilliant, and it could be argued, alternative view of a band on the cusp of breaking up. Far from the fractious, bickering group of popular conception we can clearly hear four guys on top of their game and still working together to a common end, that of making wonderful music.

Judge for yourself as we play two tracks every hour from Let It Be (Apple Special Edition) on our hugely popular Beatles radio station.