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How to listen to us!

There are lots of ways you can listen to Exclusive Radio…

Online via Our Website…

  1. Navigate to our Exclusive.Radio website on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.
  2. Click ‘Listen Now’.
  3. A radio player will pop up whereby you can select the genre, or All Stations and use the search bar to find the artist or station you are looking for.

(You can pause the volume on a station at any time, if you need to take a call or jump on to Zoom for example).

Via Our App…

The Exclusive Radio App is the easiest way to listen on your mobile device. Download the Exclusive Radio App from the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).

Samsung Galaxy Phone
Some Exclusive Radio listeners have reported an issue with the Android App on some Samsung Galaxy phones. This is due to a Battery Optimisation setting on these phones, this video shows you how to fix this… so you can enjoy your Exclusive Radio stations without interruption.

On Bluetooth Speakers or Apple Airplay…

Listening to Exclusive Radio through the App and Bluetooth is the easiest way to access all 500 of our Radio Stations.

  1. Link your phone or computer to your Bluetooth speaker in your phone settings (make sure your bluetooth is turned on).
  2. Choose your favourite station on the App.
  3. The station will automatically play on your Bluetooth speaker.

On Smart Speakers…

Link your phone, iPad or tablet with Alexa and ask Alexa to link with your device to play any of the stations. Or download MyTuner Radio as a ‘skill’ on Alexa and say “Alexa, ask MyTuner Radio to play Exclusively 60’s”

Add MyTuner Radio as a Service on Sonos in the Sonos settings. Then click ‘Stations’ in the search bar and search ‘Exclusively…’

Google Home
Link your phone, iPad or tablet with Google Home and ask Google Home to link with your device to play any of the stations.

We are aware of some issues with external providers, particularly Tunein in some regions. If you experience any problems, please contact us via the website or on socials via Instagram or Messenger stating your device and country.

In The Car…

If you can link your phone to your car via a cable or Bluetooth you can play Exclusive Radio directly through your car speakers using our App. Please ensure you set this up before your journey and do not use your phone whilst driving.

If you have Apple CarPlay, you can play all Exclusive Radio Stations through MyTuner Radio or Radio – Receiver. Both Apps will allow you to pre-select your favourite Exclusive Radio stations, so they are easy to find on your car’s music system.

Please note: On CarPlay you may hear Ads which are populated by My Tuner Radio. Our stations do not feature commercials.

Internet Radios…

Due to the number of different internet radios, please contact us with details of your device and we will try to help.

Many thanks for listening to us and we hope you continue to enjoy the wide choice of stations on Exclusive Radio

Get in touch with your feedback, suggestions or to get help with our app:

Please contact the team here at Exclusive Radio with your feedback or suggestions for new stations.


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