Still regarded as the most artful of 1970s west coast singer-songwriters, Jackson Browne frets about the environment and his use-by date on his new release, Downhill From Everywhere.

In the US, Browne is a longstanding part of the cultural landscape, the author of a string of platinum-selling albums, regularly hailed as one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

His latest release demonstrates that his skills as a songwriter and recording artist are still pin sharp. He still embodies the classic boomer singer-songwriter, at least insofar as he spends a lot of Downhill From Everywhere doing precisely the kinds of things that septuagenarian songwriters of a certain cast tend to do, including worrying about the environment, wondering aloud about the younger generation, dabbling in global music and writing love songs to a new partner who is evidently considerably younger than he is.

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