Like so many artists Kate Rusby has had her tour plans put on ice by the pandemic, so Pure Records have decided to bring the concert to your home instead!

Kate will be performing a worldwide streamed concert at 7.30pm GMT on Saturday April 10th and it will then be available on demand until Saturday May 22nd, which would have been the last date on Kate’s Spring Tour.

The gig will feature the first full play of the acclaimed album HAND ME DOWN. Recorded in lockdown 2020 it is a collection of covers of her favourite songs. Kate says, ” I realised over time that it’s not only traditional songs that are handed down through generations, popular songs are as well. Especially feel good songs and tunes from childhood TV shows. Songs are precious for many different reasons.”

Tickets for Kate’s Streamed Album Concert are available now at 

Don’t forget Kate is also playing all day every day  in our FOLK section on her own personal radio station