As Gaga’s spaceship lands back on Chromatica, she’s made sure she’s got reinforcements as she puts the record in a brand new light.

Formed by an army of young artists, Dawn of Chromatica is more than a big star shining light on underrated talents, it’s also a celebration for a record that has been a ray of hope in the middle of the pandemic, regarded as a sweet escape by most.

Dawn of Chromatica is the return to Lady Gaga’s visually stunning, beaming with potential, fictional world of Chromatica.

Dawn of Chromatica might be Lady Gaga’s last string for this era, with her new jazz record called Love For Sale due in October, her upcoming film House of Gucci by November, and the rumored soundtrack she might do for Tom Cruise’s movie Top Gun: Maverick by first quarter next year. This record of remixes is more than a fan service, it’s a reminder on the main narrative of Chromatica, to dance through pain and be triumphant in our battles in life.

You can hear two tracks from Dawn of Chromatica every hour on our dedicated radio station.