Oasis fans were sent in to a social media frenzy on Sunday after a post by Liam suggested that the feuding Gallagher brothers might put aside their differences and reunite the band. It’s 10 years since they split and the back and forth sniping between them has been pretty much non-stop since.

Before we all get too excited it’s fair to say that Liam didn’t offer a lot of detail to back up the assertion. He was responding to a fan who tweeted,

“HEY LIAM, I need you to give me hope that Oasis will come back please I’m 19 years old I want to live that concert, I HATE not being born earlier”

Liam’s reply re-ignited the reunion rumours with the words, “It’s gonna happen.”

That idea is not reinforced by Liam’s recent revelation that Noel turned down a £100 million offer for the band to tour, so if that amount of money wasn’t persuasive it’s hard to see what would change his mind!

The good news is that here at Exclusive Radio the brothers are still very much together and the band is alive and well and playing it’s biggest songs at