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Feb 20, 2021

According to his husband David Furnish, Sir Elton is making positive use of the Lockdown by getting fit. Speaking on the U.K’s Good Morning Britain T.V. show David said,

“He has embarked on a fitness regime and a diet, he’s been losing weight, he’s been looking after himself really, really well. We’ve been really busy, happy and fulfilled and also, more important than anything, spending more time together as a family and loving it. We work together at home, we produce his radio show, we get on really well, we just enjoy each other’s company and we’re happy as a family. I want my kids to go back to school,”

Asked by interviewer Richard Arnold if their children have experienced any negativity for having two dads David said, “We’ve been very fortunate within their school and within their community everybody’s been really warm, really welcoming to us, treated us the same as any other family, so they’ve not witnessed any of that.”

If you want to use Lockdown to boost your health and wellbeing don’t forget we have a host of stations under our WELLNESS and CALM categories that can help with a range of different exercise regimes as well as relaxation and meditation, plus of course you can spend as much time as you want with your favourite artists on their own dedicated stations, including of course,





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