The world’s most famous and successful living musician has turned 79 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Despite lockdown, in the last twelve months Paul McCartney has recorded and released McCartney III, which he followed up with McCartney III Imagined.

To huge acclaim, the original album and its subsequent remixed version have proved once again that the maestro still reigns supreme.

We surprised ourselves when we counted up all the stations on Exclusive Radio that Paul and his fellow Beatles appear on. With solo stations for John, Paul and George, Exclusively The Beatles, a Collections station, two Gigs and all the Decades from the 60’s we make it 13, but it could be more! And that doesn’t include the countless artists that have covered their songs as well. Those really would be too many to tot up.

So, today we decided to go back to the source of it all. Indeed some might argue it is the foundation stone of modern pop and rock music.



  • Exclusively The Beatles