You can understand it when a guy who found viral fame at 15 is sometimes taken aback by how famous he has become.

Shawn Mendes learned guitar at 14 and then a year later became an internet sensation via the short-form video hosting service VINE.

Speaking to WONDERLAND magazine he admits to putting too much pressure on himself,

“I still struggle with trying to fit into the shoes of who I believe ‘Shawn Mendes’ should be…at some point along the line, my expectations and my standard of who I should be, the music I should make, and the way I should look, became so high that no matter what I did and no matter how hard I was trying with my music, I couldn’t fit those shoes. If I even struggle to live up to what I think I should be, I definitely don’t want to make it harder for the 14-year-old kid in Canada to be who they are.”

He told the magazine that for him and his girlfriend Camila Cabello the nature of their work means paying attention to their mental well-being is very important and that they listen to a lot of calming audio to help facilitate that.

We think that is something everyone should do, which is why we have radio stations in our CALM and WELLNESS genres to help you do just that.

Shawn and Camila also have their own personal radio stations EXCLUSIVELY CAMILA CABELLO & EXCLUSIVELY SHAWN MENDES


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