Fans of Taylor Swift and Adele have worked themselves in to a fever pitch of excitement over rumours of a musical collaboration between the two princesses of pop. The speculation began following an entry on the very unexciting sounding Society of European Stage Authors and Composers Registry.

A song called BROKEN HEARTS has been registered on the site crediting the writers as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins and Taylor Alison Swift. The most popular fan theory is that the song will be included in Taylor’s re-recording of her RED album. Following her well publicised dispute over the ownership of the Masters of her albums she has undertaken a project to re-record all of them under her ownership.

Adele fans have been waiting since 2015 for a new album and rumour has it they won’t have to wait too much longer. Taylor’s fans have been spoilt as she has been very busy, releasing two new albums, FOLKLORE and EVERMORE as well as working on the re-recording project.

If the rumoured Swift and Adele duet appears we promise to get it on air straight away.

The same goes for the new Adele album and RED (Taylor’s Version).

In the meantime you can enjoy the best of both artists on their own Exclusive Radio stations


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