One of their iconic songs is, ” I Get Around” and it looks like the Beach Boys may soon be doing that in a new way by appearing in multiple locations at the same time! They have just signed a deal with Iconic Artists Group to give the company ownership of their entire brand, including master recordings, memorabilia, a share in publishing rights and  even control of the band’s name.

Iconic Artists C.E.O. Olivier Chastan told Rolling Stone: “The Beach Boys, in a sense, are not just a band. They’re a lifestyle. They’re a consumer brand. And they’ve never really exploited that. That includes VR, AR, 3D, CGI, natural language processing, et cetera. That, to me, is probably the most interesting aspect of what’s going to transform our business. In five years, I could send you a text and say, At 2 p.m., let’s put our Oculus Rift glasses on, and let’s go see the Beach Boys record ‘Good Vibrations’ at Western Recorders.”

The deal comes at a time when a number of high profile artists are selling their back catalogues of recordings or publishing rights. Neil Young is reported to have just sold half of his back catalogue to the controversial Hipgnosis Songs Fund in a deal thought to be worth $110 million.

It’s not known how much the Beach Boys deal is worth or how soon we may see the band popping up in various new forms, but in the meantime they are just embarking on a US tour and of course are also playing 24 hours a day at