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Jul 13, 2022

Legendary English band Cream are celebrated with their own dedicated station on Exclusive Radio.

Cream were like the biggest, brightest rocket in the box of fireworks. They reached for the stars, shone like no band had done before and then broke up, all within two years.

Widely regarded as the first of the supergroups, the official date of Cream’s formation was 16 July, 1966 and it brought together three of the most talented and celebrated blues/rock musicians of the era – drummer Ginger Baker, bassist and lead singer Jack Bruce and guitarist Eric Clapton, sometimes known as “God”.

Their musical output in those two short years was prodigious, but tensions between Bruce and Baker would eventually bring about the group’s demise.

At Clapton’s request, Cream reunited for a series of four shows in 6 May 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the venue of their original “final” concerts in 1968. Although the three musicians chose not to speak publicly about the shows, Clapton would later state that he had become more “generous” in regard to his past, and that the physical health of Bruce and Baker was a major factor.

Altogether they sold more than 15 million records and Cream were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

You can hear the full range of Cream’s music on our newest station.


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