On August 3rd 1963 the Beatles played their last ever performance at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.

During their set a power cut silenced their instruments and plunged the Cavern into temporary darkness. Lennon and McCartney performed an acoustic version of When I’m Sixty-Four, a song they wouldn’t release until 1967, while waiting for the electricity to return.

The Cavern was at 10, Mathew Street and, as the name suggested, was underground and had originally opened as a jazz-only club in January 1957. In August of that year the Quarrymen, some members of which group would become the Beatles, made their first appearance.

By 1961 the band had changed their name to the Beatles and the club gradually became synonymous with the band and the emerging Merseybeat sound.

The Beatles, whose fee for their first performance at the Cavern had been £5, received a fee of £300 for this, their 292nd and final performance.

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