After being hit by a severe winter storm many people in Texas have been left without electricity and water for several days, leading to the declaration of a ‘Major Disaster’ in the state. Travis Scott has teamed his CACTUS JACK FOUNDATION¬† with the city government in Houston to supply 50,000 meals to people affected by the storm. Working alongside the city mayor the foundation is linking with restaurant owners and other local groups to help give the most vulnerable citizens access to hot food.

According to it’s website Travis’s foundation has as it’s mission:

“To empower and enrich the lives of youth by providing access to education and creative resources to ensure long term success. The foundation believes the youth should not be prevented from attaining their lifetime goal and is committed to extending educational opportunities to all, regardless of their circumstances to achieve their dreams.”

It is named after CACTUS JACK RECORDS, the Houston based label founded by the rapper.

His music has been described as a fusion of traditional rap, hip hop, low-fi and ambient and we are proud to be featuring it on the radio station we created for him