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Aug 24, 2021

Don Everly’s death at the age of 84 brings down the curtain on the Everly Brothers, the vocal duo that defined the rock’n’roll duet and the sound of adolescent angst.

Revived on annual tours for more than half a century, their sounds were stilled in concert by the death of Phil, the younger brother, in 2014.

Like Elvis and Chuck Berry, the Everly Brothers came up with the blueprint of how things would be, and in later years were bitter at receiving less credit for this than rock’n’roll’s solo greats.

Nevertheless they couldn’t complain at their initial success. After one difficult session for Columbia, yielding the rare 1956 single Keep A’Lovin Me, they signed with the New York label Cadence, later switching to the newly formed Warner Bros Records. From 1957 to 1965 they had nearly 30 hits in the US and were equally successful in the UK.

Their influence was obvious with any group for whom harmonies were a key component, not least the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Hollies.

We remember and pay tribute to the two brothers on our dedicated radio station.


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